Bamboo Helps Make Concrete Both Stronger & More Sustainable

Speaking at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore last year, Dirk E. Hebel (Chair of Architecture and Construction Professor) said the use of bamboo in lieu of steel had the potential to “revolutionize our building industry and finally provide an alternative to the monopoly of reinforced concrete.
“The material’s tensile strength aroused our interest as architects and engineers and inspired us to investigate the possibility of extracting the fiber from the natural bamboo, transforming it into a manageable industrial product, and introducing it as a viable building material, an alternative to steel and timber. Bamboo composite material can be produced in any of the familiar shapes and forms in which steel and timber are produced. Like them, the material can be used to build wall structures for houses or any other buildings. More interestingly, it can be used for specific applications that best take advantage of the material’s tensile strength, such as reinforcement systems in concrete or beams for ceilings and roof structures.”
Sustainable Construction

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