1. 1) Never give huge amounts of money to any contractor at the beginning of a project. By law, they are only allowed to collect 10% or $1000.00 whichever is less at signing of a contract.  Saunders Construction Co. provides a progress payment schedule as well.
  2. 2) Make sure you sign some sort of contract or proposal, and read it carefully. And do not pay cash.  You might think that you paid less if you pay in cash.  But it also doesn’t allow you to take action against a contractor who doesn’t complete the project or does not do the job proposed.  I highly advise that you ask if they carry workers compensation (which is the law), and liability insurance.  Have the contractor onsite when installing any cabinetry.  Make sure electrical plugs are all in the proper place, etc.
  3. 3) If they want to begin the project right away and they offer you a “deal” if you do, that “could be” a red flag. Especially when construction remodeling is in demand.  Contractors who are good, are busy and you might have to wait some time for them.  Plus, it does take time to prepare a remodeling project before construction even begins.  That means they may demo your project, then leave you hanging while they go work on another project.  They might not be charging enough for your project and need other projects to supplement their income.  Saunders Construction Co.  does not begin construction until all your materials are purchased and on site.  This means cabinetry is built or in process of completion while framing is being completed.If remodeling a kitchen-get your appliance specs to your contractor (do not have appliances delivered because warranties can begin upon delivery).  Windows or doors, if any,  are purchased.  Counter tops need to be purchased/and sinks.  Paint colors and sheen need to be chosen.  Ask your contractor which paint he or she uses.  Make sure plumbing fixtures are not broken and all parts are included in the box.  Check with your contractor on all necessary plumbing parts that are needed.  Make sure tile is ordered.  Hardware for cabinetry is on site to install.  Door knobs if any are purchased.  Lastly, flooring.  Flooring should not be installed till last.
  4. 4) On your contract, cabinetry should be reviewed closely. Compare Apples to Apples especially on cabinetry.  Is it custom built by the contractor?  Or are they piecing your project together with pre-built cabinetry?  Some companies may take weeks to order, or if errors happen, or cabinetry is damaged….it could take weeks to get replacements.  Do the doors and drawers have easy close hinges and glides which adds value to cabinetry?  If you have specialty drawers like pot drawers, that will add cost to your project.  What is the interior made of?  Are there fillers (spaces in between cabinets that are hidden, creating less space for you to use)?  Are they offering any other options, if so, then there will be additional costs.   Pantries are the most expensive.  Adding pantries to your order can increase the cost.   So if you want to keep costs down, tell the contractor from your very first meeting.  Don’t always keep your budget private.  Your contractor may need to know this information because he cannot build a $50,000 kitchen if you only have a $20,000 budget.
  5. 5) Farmhouse sinks are additional to install.
  6. 6) Most kitchens take an average of 4-8 weeks depending on size. But if you ask for additional items throughout the process, that could add on a few days to up to several weeks.  It is best to make all your decision making before the project starts.  From cabinetry details, lighting, electrical plugs, etc.  Additional changes will also add costs to your project since the contractor has to stop, possibly change tools, or may have to add drywall/tape/texture and paint.  You don’t want to retexture a wall, that has fresh new texture or paint.

Hope this information was helpful.  At Saunders Construction Co. we can be:

Your Contractor For Life !!!  We are worth the wait…..

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