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  • The contractor who says, “Yes, I can start your project right away!”  You sign a contract, he takes money and disappears.
  • The contractor who starts demolition and then is nowhere to be seen for WEEKS!
  •  The contractor you hired from a “Services Website” only to find out after you hired him, he does not have a valid license, or insurance.

These are only a few items we can discuss.  No contractor can begin “working” on your jobsite right away.  Or shouldn’t.  First, a plan has to be in place.  Cabinetry has to be built or ordered, – this can take WEEKS depending on how large the project is.  Other materials such as quart, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, lighting, flooring, appliances, paint…..all need ordering as well, which can take a few days up to several weeks.  It all depends on what is available, or what needs to be ordered or shipped (many times imported).

If a contractor begins demolition and then is nowhere to be seen.  It could mean he didn’t charge enough.  So he has to obtain funds by starting someone else’s project.  This is illegal to take funds from one project to fund another.  Or they took on too much work and they are not giving you the time and attention your project needs.  In extreme busy years, this “could” be the case for all contractors.  But not generally.

Beware of contractor service websites that give you referrals.  The contractors “pay” big sums of money to be listed on these websites.  The more they pay, the higher on the list they are.  Do you think these companies are going to deny ANYONE (even illegal contractors) from paying them to list their name on their website?  They are out to make a profit…….

SAUNDERS CONSTRUCTION CO.  Will take time to make sure your project is done properly.  We make sure your materials (either purchased by us, or purchased by you) are all on site BEFORE we begin demolition.  We only take a maximum of $1000 deposit when we sign a contract with you.   (it should only be 10% of the contract amount up to a max. of $1000).  Then, we give you a progress payment schedule so that you know when additional payments will be due.  A majority of our business (95%) comes from referrals.  We have been in business for 30 years, serving mainly our own Santa Clarita Valley (most projects in Stevenson Ranch/Valencia area).


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  1. 1) Never give huge amounts of money to any contractor at the beginning of a project. By law, they are only allowed to collect 10% or $1000.00 whichever is less at signing of a contract.  Saunders Construction Co. provides a progress payment schedule as well.
  2. 2) Make sure you sign some sort of contract or proposal, and read it carefully. And do not pay cash.  You might think that you paid less if you pay in cash.  But it also doesn’t allow you to take action against a contractor who doesn’t complete the project or does not do the job proposed.  I highly advise that you ask if they carry workers compensation (which is the law), and liability insurance.  Have the contractor onsite when installing any cabinetry.  Make sure electrical plugs are all in the proper place, etc.
  3. 3) If they want to begin the project right away and they offer you a “deal” if you do, that “could be” a red flag. Especially when construction remodeling is in demand.  Contractors who are good, are busy and you might have to wait some time for them.  Plus, it does take time to prepare a remodeling project before construction even begins.  That means they may demo your project, then leave you hanging while they go work on another project.  They might not be charging enough for your project and need other projects to supplement their income.  Saunders Construction Co.  does not begin construction until all your materials are purchased and on site.  This means cabinetry is built or in process of completion while framing is being completed.If remodeling a kitchen-get your appliance specs to your contractor (do not have appliances delivered because warranties can begin upon delivery).  Windows or doors, if any,  are purchased.  Counter tops need to be purchased/and sinks.  Paint colors and sheen need to be chosen.  Ask your contractor which paint he or she uses.  Make sure plumbing fixtures are not broken and all parts are included in the box.  Check with your contractor on all necessary plumbing parts that are needed.  Make sure tile is ordered.  Hardware for cabinetry is on site to install.  Door knobs if any are purchased.  Lastly, flooring.  Flooring should not be installed till last.
  4. 4) On your contract, cabinetry should be reviewed closely. Compare Apples to Apples especially on cabinetry.  Is it custom built by the contractor?  Or are they piecing your project together with pre-built cabinetry?  Some companies may take weeks to order, or if errors happen, or cabinetry is damaged….it could take weeks to get replacements.  Do the doors and drawers have easy close hinges and glides which adds value to cabinetry?  If you have specialty drawers like pot drawers, that will add cost to your project.  What is the interior made of?  Are there fillers (spaces in between cabinets that are hidden, creating less space for you to use)?  Are they offering any other options, if so, then there will be additional costs.   Pantries are the most expensive.  Adding pantries to your order can increase the cost.   So if you want to keep costs down, tell the contractor from your very first meeting.  Don’t always keep your budget private.  Your contractor may need to know this information because he cannot build a $50,000 kitchen if you only have a $20,000 budget.
  5. 5) Farmhouse sinks are additional to install.
  6. 6) Most kitchens take an average of 4-8 weeks depending on size. But if you ask for additional items throughout the process, that could add on a few days to up to several weeks.  It is best to make all your decision making before the project starts.  From cabinetry details, lighting, electrical plugs, etc.  Additional changes will also add costs to your project since the contractor has to stop, possibly change tools, or may have to add drywall/tape/texture and paint.  You don’t want to retexture a wall, that has fresh new texture or paint.

Hope this information was helpful.  At Saunders Construction Co. we can be:

Your Contractor For Life !!!  We are worth the wait…..

Bamboo Helps Make Concrete Both Stronger & More Sustainable

Speaking at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore last year, Dirk E. Hebel (Chair of Architecture and Construction Professor) said the use of bamboo in lieu of steel had the potential to “revolutionize our building industry and finally provide an alternative to the monopoly of reinforced concrete.
“The material’s tensile strength aroused our interest as architects and engineers and inspired us to investigate the possibility of extracting the fiber from the natural bamboo, transforming it into a manageable industrial product, and introducing it as a viable building material, an alternative to steel and timber. Bamboo composite material can be produced in any of the familiar shapes and forms in which steel and timber are produced. Like them, the material can be used to build wall structures for houses or any other buildings. More interestingly, it can be used for specific applications that best take advantage of the material’s tensile strength, such as reinforcement systems in concrete or beams for ceilings and roof structures.”
Sustainable Construction


Custom Cabinetry:Purchasing custom cabinetry is your best option. Many of our clients feel that custom is more expensive.  But it isn’t when you know the difference. With custom cabinetry you are able to choose any door style from so many choices; whereas, the others only offer a limited choice. You won’t have the same door style as your neighbor next door-unless you want that? Then, you are able to choose what type of wood you like, color stain, paint color, moldings & other details, and finish. Many contractors and box stores will try to sell you cabinetry made out of wood that will not hold up in time or may talk you into the other extreme which is more money than you wanted to spend. They may offer soft woods that nick easily and can even warp in time or offer a few selections of stain or paint colors as well. You may also have limited options. But with custom cabinetry you may put in pull out drawers of any kind, drawer glides, have easy-close doors and drawers, etc.  You also can have your cabinetry from box to box -there is no lost space between the cabinet boxes because we build them to fit “your” kitchen. You gain much added space this way. Plus, if for some reason, something isn’t right from the design process, the change can be quickly and easily changed (no waiting to call three people or waiting 3 weeks or more to reorder).  With the custom cabinetry designer, you have the choice to make your kitchen – the way you will love it for years to come! Cabinetry is a large expense, but that is why you need to love how it looks, love how it works and why it needs to last!!!!  If you buy lesser expensive cabinetry, you may be purchasing again in a few years. With custom, you are able to repaint, refinish, etc. when styles may change for a lot less money than purchasing new again.  

Purchasing Cabinetry through a Contractor: This is your second best option. It could be a little bit less expensive than custom. But, here are some things to consider when considering this route. Contractor’s usually buy cabinetry from a specific manufacturer.   However, clients are unaware that manufacturer’s require contractors to sell a specific amount of cabinetry each year.  So the contractor will push you into possibly purchasing something that does not suite your needs or you may not like it that well.  Or the contractor is using a dealer (or middleman) which again costs more.  Some manufacturers will offer less expensive lines (not made durable and will skimp in many ways manufacturing the product) so that contractors do not have to meet such a high quotas. So now you are getting an inferior built cabinet line and do not have options.  Plus, the contractor has to order the cabinetry according to the company’s specifications (sizes of cabinetry), not according to your kitchen or bathroom size. Now, you may end up losing cabinet space because spaces underneath the face frame are left between the cabinets because they have to purchase smaller cabinetry than your space (wall to wall). You are offered fewer choices of doors, colors, finishes, molding’s, etc.   If you have any cabinetry you want to keep, it is highly unlikely you can refinish it to match any new cabinetry. If there is any damage in shipping, or in the design….it can take weeks to get the cabinetry pieces you need because they are considered a special order. This may cause issues with the subcontractors who have set aside the specific dates to come on your project and now have to delay. Lastly, these contractors are “required” to have a showroom in order to sell for these cabinet companies, which also adds to the cost of your contract because of the higher overhead.

Box Stores, IKEA, etc.:This could be your least expensive option, but you have to look at the full picture.  You need to understand the whole process.   First of all, these type of stores will charge a fee for a design and it is usually about the same as a Design/Remodel company such as Saunders Construction Co. (do not always think the large chains charge less).   The box stores will design the project at the store or make you do it on a computer (not in your own home). Plus, I love how they make you figure out a design of a kitchen (or bath)  when you may have no special training or know how to design a space.  Then after taking up all your time in the store getting you to sign a contract, they will send out someone to measure (now they have taken up your time on two occasions, instead of just one).   You have to pick from their displays which have limited choices, and be careful….their displays say that they can do your whole kitchen for $5000.00!   We reviewed the layouts in a few stores.   In one store we saw, there were no upper cabinets at all.  It just had some simple shelving.  We are able to do shelving as well which definitely cuts down the cost of upper cabinetry.  Then in another kitchen it had mostly appliances.  There are no banks of drawers and no pantries (which are a very expensive – extra!)   Plus, some of the designs do not include any moldings, kicks, glides, pull outs, etc. IT’S ALL EXTRA.  Yes, they usually have soft close, but it should be a standard today.   Then, during installation….the installers have no idea what was discussed during the design process because they are only installers, not the designer and builder. If you want to add a plug that you forgot during the design process …..the installers have to call and get approval.   This alone, may delay your project for several days, and you may get a huge overcharge or denied the change altogether.   Many times, the installers will not even discuss any aspects of the project with you. They are only there to install.

Remember, with a design-build contractor like Saunders Construction Co. who builds their own custom cabinetry…..we are here to help you design and build your kitchen,  bath or office.  We offer honest advice to help you with your decisions on the different wood options, paint or stain options, cabinet and hardware design options etc. to help best fit your needs and desires.  We also schedule counter top fabricators and tile contractors for your project.  These contractors have worked with us for many years and can be fully trusted as well.

Saunders Construction Co. is there from the design process, building process, and all the way through the installation process.  We are with you every step of the way making sure your project is done accurately and efficiently.  I guarantee, you will absolutely love your new project and it will be built to last.

Written by Leslie Saunders of Saunders Construction Co.

What is the NKBA and why is it important for me to know about it?

NKBA is the National Kitchen and Bath Association. This association requires high standards for qualification for membership. They are the information source and resource for the construction industry worldwide. Their members have a higher level of education and professionalism. They must be highly skilled and are recognized for their expertise. Saunders Construction Co. is a valued member of this association.

What Can Saunders Construction Co. Do For “Me”?

Shower with a seat!

Shower with a seat!

Saunders Construction Co. is your local, full service design/build and remodeling company servicing your entire home and business improvement needs. We specialize in full house remodels (any work inside or outside) and now have had an influx of calls for parental and in-law suite additions. Your family can still have the privacy of your own home, while offering a beautiful separate living space for your mother or father. This gives you the peace of mind and ease of knowing they are safe and cared for properly. Our parents want to have their own place, not share one room with three strangers in a facility. Care facilities can cost up to $4500+ per month and are only affordable for few. Plus, they want the security of keeping the money they worked so hard for. Suites can provide a beautiful open floor plan with a kitchenette, living quarters, a bathroom (built for mature adults in mind), and a spacious bedroom with separate laundry facilities all designed properly in little square footage. This also adds additional future value and functionality to your home. We are currently in our 26th year of business in the Santa Clarita and the surrounding Los Angeles/Ventura areas. We are a third generation builder / remodeler and member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. We strive to excel at the highest level of expertise and quality yet delivering honest proposal costs at minimal pricing.

We offer our own custom cabinetry and woodwork by Saunders Construction Co. to satisfy any design concept. Clients have used our services over and over again.

We are fully bonded, insured and carry workers compensation- which is all to benefit you because we want you to trust us and think of us as family.

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