Key Ingredients for a Kitchen Remodel

Here are some key ingredients for a kitchen remodel. Clients often become overwhelmed with the many selections that come along with a kitchen remodel. Use this list as a guideline for what you will need to consider for your project, and start a wish list of your own.

Galley or Gathering Space: Cabinet layout is the single most important design element in a kitchen. Choosing the right layout for your space comes from careful planning within your wall space. To achieve extra room, one option is to extend the kitchen by either adding an addition or reconfiguring some existing space in the home. Our design consultant is trained in space planning and reconfiguring existing space to provide better functionality for your family’s needs.

Cabinets: Start by thinking about what is most important to you in fashion, functionality and the storage you need. Collect magazine pictures that catch your eye – these can be very helpful when working with a designer.

Appliances: Start by researching appliance makes and models. Your choices will have a big impact on the design of your kitchen and the overall budget. Our designers are trained to point you in the right direction and can recommend appliances that fit your needs and suit your budget. A good resource when shopping for appliances is Pacific Sales off the 5 freeway in Castaic. They have a great selection and provide very good service.

Countertops: There are numerous choices when thinking about countertops. Natural stone like granite and marble are used most frequently, as well as man-made quartz products. Concrete provides an interesting alternative with a wide range of custom finishes. Quartz counter tops do not need to be sealed like granite. Granite nees to be sealed every 3 years or so. However, some granite has become sometimes less expensive than quartz because the slabs can be larger and cover more square area. Quartz is man-made and only comes in specific sizes.

Flooring: There is a wide range of materials to choose from when selecting flooring. Some of the options include, wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, porcelain/ceramic, concrete and carpet. Other materials used are granite, bamboo and marble. Flooring should not only be attractive and flow nicely with the rest of the design, but functionality and ease of cleaning are also important to consider.

Islands and Peninsulas: Islands and peninsulas are the work stations of a kitchen. It’s often the area where people gather as well. Think about how you would like this area of the kitchen to function for storage, entertaining and as a work station.

Jewels of the Kitchen: “Jewels” of a kitchen are items you add for aesthetics like pendant lighting, glass cabinets, custom tiles on backsplashes, built-ins or any other custom design features. A lot of our clients choose to add their own touches especially in the areas of custom wood work, lighting and tile backsplashes.

Lighting: Lighting is essential in a well functioning kitchen. Consider natural sunlight in your plans. If your kitchen needs more sunlight consider adding a skylight. Fixtures that perform well in the kitchen are pendant lights, under cabinet units and recessed lights.

Sinks: Sinks are the most important fixture of a kitchen. Choose them wisely. Consider depth, faucet styles, utility and ease of cleaning. Don’t forget to select a waste disposal. If you have children, consider a waste disposal with safety features.

A kitchen remodel is an investment in your lifestyle and daily routine. Take the time to read product reviews and talk to people who have recently done a remodel to get feedback and ask questions. We are here to help take the mystery out of kitchen design and to assist you in creating the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

Give your Bedroom Some Style

Does the warm weather have you in the mood to change up the style in your bedroom? If so, you’re not alone. Seems like everyone has spring fever so here are some styling tips and ideas for giving your bedroom a new look:

1. If you don’t want to buy a new bedspread but your old one is boring you, mix it up! That is with some throw pillows. Purchase some or find some around the house with complimenting colors and don’t be afraid to mix patterns and sizes.

2. If artwork is what you are craving and you have a large blank wall, start looking for a quilt with a cool pattern or a large geometric one. This is an easy fix to cover a large blank space.

3. If your room is boring lacking color and you don’t want to repaint, consider using colorful accessories, artwork, and pillows. This is an easy fix to give your room some color.

4. If color is your thing then use it for the entire theme of your room. Repaint either one accent wall in that color or paint the entire room. Next, choose accessories and accents in that color. Hang new window treatments and consider rearranging the furniture. Before you know it you will have what feels like a brand new space!

Update Your Space With 3 Easy Steps

Even on a modest budget you can make a statement in almost any room. Below are some ideas to help make some impressive changes.

1. Lighting
Have fun with this. You can find some great light fixtures that will make the room shine. Change a common ceiling mount light fixture to a chandelier. Even in a small bedroom or living area a new light fixture will make a big impact.

2. A New Wall Color
A fresh coat of paint often makes all the difference. According to our interior design department the up & coming “trendy” colors of the season are greys, bright yellow, and golds with chocolate accents. Many people tend to shy away from strong colors but a bold color can add a lot of life to a room. If you need a little time to warm up to a new color, try painting an accent wall first. If you’re trying to decide on a new wall color and willing to edge out of your comfort zone a little, pick something that will compliment the current accent colors in that room. If you have a lot of browns in the room, try a bright sea blue or bright yellow.

3. Window Treatments
According to experts minimal is in! This is true even if you want to give the room an elegant and luxurious feel. Simplicity is the key. Try not to use really heavy fabric that blocks the natural light from coming in. While bold prints and stripes are in, designers are seeing a trend toward using lighter fabrics to create an updated look. Blue is becoming the new red in color choice for window treatments, while brown is still holding its own in popularity. Pick a color or a pattern that compliments your wall color and still allows natural light to flow through the room.