Why should you hire a licensed and insured contractor?

We are often asked this question, especially in this day and age, when the desire to cut corners and save money often trumps the desire to adhere to high standards of integrity.

We created this page to steer you away from making a decision that could cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is illegal. Or an unlicensed handyman can contract projects only up to $600.00. Contractors who do not have the integrity to earn a license or properly insure themselves are often only in business to benefit themselves, even if it means providing faulty construction and costing their clients thousands of dollars in re-do’s and repairs. Worst-case scenarios involve theft and dishonesty.

Please, do not risk your valuable time and money by hiring a contractor who is not willing to properly invest in their trade. A contractor must be licensed in the state they are working in, and they cannot use another company’s license. If they claim they cannot afford a license or insurance, they are not the company to use. In the event of a disaster, you will have no legal recourse to rectify the situation, and there will be no one to hold accountable for your hardship.

Be wary of these warning signs:

1. A contractor who rushed you to make a decision in order to take advantage of a ‘special deal’ or a limited-time offer.

2. Be wary if half of the cost of the project is asked for up front. Our company provides a progress payment schedule after the contract/proposal is signed on the majority of our projects.

3. A contractor who does not list their license numbers on their vehicles, estimates, or advertising.

4. If a contractor gives you a bottom line price, or guarantees to be the lowest, then many time they do not offer what the honest contractor is offering you. For instance, the honest contractor give you details on design, he does not purchase inferior cabinetry that break in a few years or installs thin slabs of counter top material that cracks, and lastly the honest contractor will look at details such as where electrical plugs are placed, etc. He doesn’t just throw your project together to get it done quickly to get paid. You can have your project done quickly and less expensively… or you can have it done right.

You are investing a lot of money into your home, make sure it is crafted beautifully.

5. If you feel good about possibly hiring one contractor but he is charging more, then go back to him/her after obtaining all your bids and discuss the price again. You may find that the contractor can show you ways you may be able to save even more by redesigning your first bid.